The Gear

One can certainly ultralight the GDT, although because of the tempermental location (I was lucky and had mostly good weather) of the trail, the general isolation, and the scarcity of other hikers, a thruhiker needs to be more self sufficient and prepared than on a trail like the AT or even the PCT. No one will come hiking after you to rescue you, and at times it can be a long and hard haul out to a road where you can get help. As such, I carried slightly more gear than usual, along with a few luxury items as I assumed (rightly) that most days and nights I would be alone. I have declined to list all the weights possible as, in the end, it doesn't matter very much. What matter is functionality. A few ounces (and only a few) here or there is not a big deal. However, weight from Maps was significant. I do not have an exact number, but I do not think 2 lbs for maps is an unreasonable estimate. The following is my base weight, which means it does not include food, fuel, or water.

Base Gear

What I'd wear