The Gear I Used

On this page, I hope to answer some common questions about my gear on the Pacific Crest Trail. I tried to go as lightweight as possible. What is below represents my gear at the end of the trip and this list is very similar to what I started with. If I were to hike the trail again, there is little I would chance, except for taking a warmer sleeping bag through the Sierra. I've listed the weights of various things. My base weight (weight without food, water, or oil) fluctuated between 11 and 13 pounds during the trip. Please email me at if you want to know more.

Base Gear

Added in Southern California

Added for the Sierra

The sleepnet and the DEET would travel the rest of the way with me, but the sunscreen, extra waterbags, and ice axe were sent home or put in the bounce box after clearing the half way point, Chester, CA.

What I'd wear

From Mexico to South Lake Tahoe, I wore:
From South Lake Tahoe to Canada, I wore the Columbia shorts and MEC Rapidi-T listed above.