A Beautiful Thing

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On May 9,2003, I left the Mexican border near Campo, California, to begin a 2650 mile hike to Canada. I left behind my sedentary life in Indiana and started walking north, into a dream given form. Into the desert and the flowers and the wind and the sand. To live a life composed only of walking, eating, drinking, and sleeping. My trip was not so much about seeing a particular mountain or walking a particular path as it was about being immersed inside an environment long enough for it to impact me. To see something I had not yet seen. To learn something I did not already know. To become something better. Jonathan Ley has put this into words better than I can, and I paraphrase him here: My trip was not so much about doing something, as it was about becoming something. The time I spent on the Pacific Crest Trail was the best of my short life and I hope to impart some of that joy, something of this beautiful thing, to the reader of this web page.

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