Scud Passage

Climbing and Traversing the Scud Glacier
Northern Coast Range, British Columbia, Canada
August 5-29, 2007


Stretching from Vancouver in the south to Skagway in the north, the Coast Range of British Columbia is one of the wildest places left on Earth. Explored only by a few, the range is home to some of the most difficult and remote mountaineering objectives on Earth, such as Mount Waddington and The Devils Thumb. Access to the range is difficult and the weather can be highly disagreeable, both of which, combined with the lower over-all elevation, the un-exoticness of Canada, and the obscurity of the peaks, have kept the range off of the radar of most climbers. But the range is being threatened with new mining developments, for the richness of the range, unknown to many climbers, is well known to the resource extraction industry. The North is changing with the advent of global warming and the rise of developing countries and their economies. This is my attempt to document a smaller corner of the range, before it changes forever.

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