Pacific Drifting

The Pacific Northwest Trail Corridor
July 12 - August 28, 2008


"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving." I would love to take credit for those words, but they were written nearly three millennia ago by an old man living in a cave. With these words in mind, I left home to live for a while with as little formal structure to my life as I thought I could get away with. I had to leave settled life with its routines, habits, and rituals and be in the out-of-doors, where I could live deliberately, as crusty old HD once said. I gave myself the luxury of the time to make mistakes and set out to walk home, following the setting sun, hoping to get to know the land and the people between the Continental Divide and the Pacific Ocean. It was an area big enough to roam freely, yet it had a vague route already established for me to follow when I didn't want to think for myself. But I intended to think for myself as much as possible during the summer, and by doing so to learn something about myself, something that I did not already know, something that would help me understand my relation to the rest of the world and to the land and to the people who live in it.

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