Local Backpacking

What's here?

This index has all of my local backpacking trips that do not involve some sort of climbing.

Royal Basin, Olympic National Park (May 2009)

Bailey Range Traverse, Olympic National Park (September 2007)

The Timberline Trail, Mount Hood National Forest (September 2006)

Upper Wildcat Lake, Alpine Lakes Wilderness (August 2006)

Paradise, Mount Rainier National Park (June 2006)

The Brothers, Olympic National Forest (June 2006)

Deadhorse Basin, Mount Rainier National Park (March 2006)

Coldwater Peak, Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument (February 2006)

Polallie Ridge and Spade Lake, Alpine Lakes Wilderness (September 2005)

Ohanapecosh Park Loop, Mount Rainier National Park (September 2005)

Hiking with F-Troop, Oregon PCT (August 2005)

Icicle Ridge and the PCT, Alpine Lakes Wilderness (August 2005)

Quinault to Quinault Loop, Olympic National Park (July 2005)

Waptus and Pete Lakes, Alpine Lakes Wilderness (May 2005)

Weasel Butt Peak, Alpine Lakes Wilderness (April 2005)

First Divide, Olympic National Park (February 2005)

Shi Shi Beach, Olympic National Park (February 2005)

Potholes State Wildlife Refuge (February 2005)

Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Snoqualmie National Forest (January 2005)

Kautz Creek, Mount Rainier National Park (December 2004)

Boulder Lake, Olympic National Park (October 2004)

Northern Loop, Mount Rainier National Park (September 2004)