Vector Bundles and an Introduction to Gauge Theory


These are the class notes to Math 433 - The Geometry of Vector Bundles and an Introduction to Gauge Theory - during the spring semester of 1998 at the The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. The course is being taught by Professor Steven Bradlow. For now, this page will contain links to the just the class notes in dvi,TeX, and PostScript formats. You may download individual lectures or any of three .tar.gz files containing blocks of lectures. As time goes by, more may be added. The notes are being put into TeX by Hung-Jen Hsu and Chris Willett, two graduate students at the University of Illinois. Any complaints, ideas, suggestions, or corrections should be sent to Chris Willett.

The Syllabus and References

Geometry of Vector Bundles and an Introduction to Gauge Theory

The course will cover the following topics:

Lecturer: Steven Bradlow
Time: MWF 10am
Prerequisites:Some facility with the machinery of differential geometry (Math 423 or consent of the instructor)
Useful Texts:

Some Other Useful References:

Individual Class Notes

Below are the class notes from the course in chronological order.


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